Maruša Račič (1988, Ljubljana, Slovenia) is a graphic designer, who works as a self-employed in areas of graphic design, illustration and photography. Her rhytm dyctates a life torn between birth Ljubljana and the countryside of Karst, where she is slowly feeling more at home, because time runs differently there and a person gets better sleep. 



Get in touch:

00386 41 778 339



Recognition and awards:

Differing Accents Corporate Identity 2012 (winning visual identity proposal for an international typography conference, Prague 2012); International Award Art Books Wanted: Best Author's Book 2013 (Edition Lidu, Prague, 2013); Outstanding Student Award 2013 (Teesside University, Prague, 2013); EMZIN – Slovenian National Photography Competition 2014 (shortlisted, 2014); Brumen – 7th Biennial of Slovene Visual Communications 2015 (recognition for excellent Slovenian design: FABRIKAID corporate identity and YU-GO mobile application); Brumen – 8th Biennial of Slovene Visual Communications 2017 (recognition for excellent Slovenian design: project KGIFF poster series and Klovnbuf poster).